Greetings from San Francisco's Parkside neighborhood.

What's with the name "OKEAH? Well, its actually Cyrillic. What looks like a letter H is actually an N in Russian (O, K, E, and A are the same in the Russian alphabet as they are in Latin letter-based alphabets). In any case, the word means ocean in Russian. I studied Russian for six years in college, and I've lived on (when I was in the Navy) or very close to the ocean for most of the last twenty-five years, so the name okean has always kind of stuck with me. So there you have it.

I've been an MIS/network admin kind of guy for the last 30 years mostly in the print media world (Wired Magazine, Condé Nast Publications, One Magazine). These days I do much the same stuff as an independent contractor for businesses around the San Francisco Bay Area.

At this time this site is focussed blocking email from China and Korea. 20-30% of the spam I see relaying through...or trying to relay through my and my clients' mail servers comes from either China or Korea, and some 80%+ of all web sites advertised in spams ("spamvertised") are hosted in China. Given that we have no reason to ever expect email from either of those countries, we decided to block email from them altogether.

On these pages, you will find the most current, accurate, and precise listings of Chinese IP blocks available anywhere. Please feel free to use them to suit your own needs.

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